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Our strategic partnership with wireless solutions is Now Official and guarantees you an extra level of PC MAC & Wireless Service Support Sales & Repairs. So Stop by and Say hello or get an Instant Quote. In fact Now we are available 7 days a week for all your technology needs.

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All Major Carriers Supported

We have seen it all - cracked screens, broken antennas, cracked or missing faceplates, water damaged phones, locked cell phones, broken LCD displays, broken or sticky keypads, broken flip phones, lost contact lists, missing data, and much more!

Most think that Cell phone insurance covers water damage, the fact is that they do not in fact most insurance companies charge $110 for a replacement refurbished phone. If your phone is not under warranty the carriers charge the full retail price. That is not the case at with us. We have been fixing phones for the past 11 years and our technicians are very knowledgeable and well-equipped with all the tools and Original Parts. We fix all cell phone problems and cover all manufacturers. We warranty our work!

All of our cell phone technicians are trained professionals. We have certified technicians on site. Our technicians can repair numerous cell phone makes and models from major mobile phone manufacturers such as Blackberry, Palm Treo, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, iPhones, and much more. The typical issues are Broken LCD Displays, Trackballs, USB Ports and Charger Ports, Speakers, Mic, Bad Reception, Camera, Dialing, Ringer, and Charging, Water Damaged and Physically Damaged Phones, SIM card, Network, Hardware/Software Problems, Data Transfer and Recovery of Your Cell Phone Files, Language Pack Updates, Cell Phone Unlocking.

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Image    Expedited cell phone service and price was still great. Elizabeth     Image

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Image    The ONLY place I will go to for all my tech toys, plus unbeatable service. Roberto     Image

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